Five Tips to Get the Perfect Shave Every Time

A smooth face can make you look more youthful, cleaner and more respectable. Shaving is something that the whole male population needs to do unless you feel the need to grow a beard. People often wonder what the best way is to have the best shave and get that film star shave.

If you want to remove all that facial hair and stick with the smooth look then there are certain things you can do. Below are five great tips to get your face smoother than ever.

1. Lather up your chops before you start. Preparation is everything in life and shaving is no different, you need to prepare your face. Soak your face with warm water and use some good shaving cream. Lather it on with a brush for a more even spread and it is important to use warm water, the softer your face the better.

2. Be sure to use a sharp razor blade. People are often guilty of using old, disposable razors. If you are going for a wet shave then you need to ensure that you have a sharp, new razor. If your razor is blunt then your face is going to get cut to pieces and your shave is not going to be as close as you need.

3. Timing is everything. Shaving opens up the pores in your face and this leaves you open to blocked pores and dirt. You should time your shaving so that it happens before your shower or wash so that you can rinse out your pores after your shave. It won't make your shave any closer but it will make your face feel smoother.

4. After care shouldn't be skipped. Just like preparation helps make the shave better in the first place the after care is just as important. Before you slap on some standard aftershave you should use some after shave moisturiser instead. It still smells great but it will moisturize your face and relieve any shaving rash.

5. Switch to an electric shaver. The number one thing that you can do to make your shaving closer and easier is to switch to an electric shaver. You won't have any of the problems of a cut face and razor rash and modern electric shavers can shave as close as a wet shave.

Shaving is something that you learn how to do over time but with these tips you should be able to get an even closer shave.