Does Your Facial Treatment Measure Up?

There's a proliferation of skin care products and facial treatment options in the market nowadays, all claiming to be capable of banishing zits and lines, making it somewhat difficult for consumers to sort the good from the bad. Be in the know and save big bucks. It's high time you stop trying out one skin care treatment after another that have no effects, and try natural solutions.

The good news is, there are hypoallergenic facial cleansing and moisturizing products in the market now that eliminate toxins and leave skin refreshingly clean and glowing with health. No need to endure discomforts and shell out large sums of money going through session after session of traditional facial treatment.

The way to a healthier looking and more beautiful complexion is to use products containing revolutionary ingredients that promote collagen and elastin, skin proteins that account for the skin's texture, elasticity, and tone.

As early as the mid-20s and 30s, individuals may start to experience lines and poor facial skin condition. This usually sends such people rushing to dermatologists' clinic for suitable facial treatment and topical medication prescription.

What most people actually need to do though is to feed their skin from within. To stimulate collagen production and improve skin's elasticity, eating foods rich in vitamins C, E & A, and zinc is highly advisable.

To cleanse the face of dirt and grime and hydrate their skin, consumers may gravitate to branded facial cleansers and moisturizers. Using cosmetic products with heavy oils and harsh ingredients, however, depletes the skin of essential moisture. Exposure to the elements and poor choice of facial cleansing & moisturizing products can aggravate skin woes like flaking and reddening due to irritation.

A simple beauty treatment may be a quality facial wash like Xtend-Lifes facial wash. It has keratin (which can rejuvenate the sensitive eye area) and other skin-friendly ingredients like vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, and an exotic kelp called Wakame, which blocks a harmful enzyme in the body that breaks down the hyaluronic acid which can make collagen and elastin fibers lose their adhesive property.

Note that the best skin care innovations these days go back to basics and use ingredients from nature. Super fruits like kiwi and Manuka Honey with their antioxidant properties can be great skin-enhancers.

So when searching for an effective skin-friendly facial treatment for regular use, look for ingredients like active Manuka honey, vitamins and herbal extract and maintain healthy, happy skin.